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Your pets, a part of your home, a member of your family, can get sick from time to time, just like you. The fact that animals cannot express their problems unlike humans require more sensitivity. Therefore, the owners’ fulfilling their responsibilities is of great importance especially during the illness period.

As Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we are ready to help and stand by you during this period.

What is Endoscopy in Veterinary Medicine?

Endoscopy is a system that helps to perform oesophagus, stomach, intestine examination with a device with a light camera on the end. Regular care of domestic animals is important; however, there are stomach and intestinal problems, despite close attention.

Sedation is required to diagnose the disease. After sedation, the entrance of the pharynx, oesophagus, stomach and intestine are examined respectively with the light camera. The problem can be clearly identified with this imaging technique.

What are the Complaints of Patients who Need Endoscopy?

Pets that need most often suffer from vomiting accompanied by digesting problems.

Other common symptoms include snoring, waking up with a start and coughing spells. Besides these, unexplained weight loss and iron deficiency, too, are among the symptoms requiring endoscopy. In this process, as Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we provide the opportunity to diagnose and treat your pets at our endoscopy unit.

What is Colonoscopy in Veterinary Medicine?

Application of colonoscopy in veterinary medicine is performed to determine intestinal problems. Therefore, it is based on the examination of the intestines by entering through the anus region with a camera that has light on the end. Colonoscopy is an important step to diagnose because it gives more accurate results than x-ray and assays.

Veterinary clinics can use colonoscopy in cases of severe constipation, blood in the stool and unstoppable diarrhoea. Therefore colonoscopy helps the physician how to start the treatment process.

What is Bronchoscopy in Veterinary Medicine?

Bronchoscopy is defined as the examination of the airways with the device with a light camera at the end. Pets are observed to suffer occasionally from respiratory distress. Although veterinary clinics do their best in this process, more detailed diagnostic techniques are sometimes required.

Patients who need bronchoscopy are those who have bloody sputum, incurable cough, and tumour cells found sputum. In addition, bronchoscopy should be performed on animals that have a foreign substance in the trachea.

Sedation is performed before bronchoscopy procedure. Then the camera with light is sent to the respiration area. In this process, the patient will be totally comfortable, without any pain. Thus, it becomes easier to figure out what the patient’s problem is.

It is, thus, of great importance for bronchoscopy to be performed by experienced veterinarians.

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