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Internal Medicine

Veterinary clinics are special places where you entrust your little friends. It is extremely important to trust, to deliver your precious friends with peace of mind. We would be pleased to welcome these beautiful guests in our clinic. We are ready to be with you and to help your pets whenever you need.

You should pay attention to choose qualified veterinarians equipped with the latest technology for efficient treatment of your pets. In this way, the treatment will give a positive result in a shorter time.

Internal Medicine Veterinary

Internal medicine is a detailed field about internal diseases. Monthly check ups of your little friends that you look after at home are crucial for a healthy life. You can contact our veterinary clinic in Üsküdar in case of any illness, injury or accident.

During the course of treatment, it is important that pet owners are informed about the whole process, and the procedures to be performed. For this reason, it is necessary to inform you first and then to start treatment of your pets. In the process, the whole metabolism, especially the digestive system, should be checked and each detected problem must be solved professionally.

Which Issues does Veterinary Medicine Handle in Internal Medicine?

When you start looking for a veterinary clinic, the most important detail you should keep in mind is your pet. It is important to entrust the pet animal you are take care of to a totally professional team. For this reason, you can visit our clinic which has detailed equipment and supplies of all departments, especially internal medicine.

Veterinary internal medicine can find solutions for heart, lung, kidney and blood diseases. In addition, if the patient has an infection problem, rheumatic disease or any allergic reaction, treatment can be started within a short time.

Do Veterinarians Treat for Cancer?

Our clinic has all kinds of equipment for the treatment and detection of internal diseases of your pets. After performing the necessary tests to diagnose the disease, we can start the treatment in no time.

Among the patients, there are many pets dealing with many internal diseases, as well as those who have cancer. It is possible for us to do everything that can be done in a short time by the special treatment methods applied for them. We will share with you many issues such as how much the disease has progressed, which treatment technique should be used and we apply the treatment.

How do Veterinarians Diagnose Internal Diseases?

The primary work to be done is to complete the necessary examinations. Depending on the condition and course of the disease, various examinations, such as ECG, ultrasonography, endoscopy, as well as blood tests and x-rays should be performed.

Researches should continue until your pet friends’ disease is diagnosed. Then, the treatment process should be initiated immediately. It is important that you are informed about the procedures executed during the diagnosis stage. In this way, you may also be involved in the process. It is important for you to have all the details to be with your patient during the treatment process.


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