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Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is the prevention of any disease even before any symptoms. When the patient shows some of the symptoms slowly, the condition must be estimated by those around him / her. It will help to diagnose patient’s disease early to inform the veterinarian about the negative symptoms in no time.

The number of veterinarians who can practice preventive medicine is quite few. This is mainly due to the lack of professional knowledge and experience. You can find us in Üsküdar veterinary clinic alternatives and you can ensure protection your pet with our preventive medicine service.

Preventive Medicine in Veterinary Clinics

Preventive medicine is not something unique to humans. The number of life-threatening diseases for animals is high. Therefore, early diagnosis is extremely important for saving lives. Recognition of the disease in early stages will help the owner to take a deep breath.

Vetart family and physicians are included in the clinics with preventive medicine equipment in Üsküdar. Early diagnosis of our cute friends can make us as happy as the owners.

What do Veterinarians Do as Protective Physicians?

The main purpose of preventive medicine is to take the necessary precautions before the disease develops. For this reason, in many places preventive medicine is known as vaccination. Vaccination is done to ensure that the patient is protected from any disease.

Periodic vaccines of pets, appropriate dietary plans, dietary practices when necessary, and periodic examinations are included in the scope of preventive medicine. Informing the owners of the animals in the process and introducing the process is also an important issue. You can be sure that, as Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we will carry out this process in a professional manner.

What is the Purpose of Preventive Medicine?

The main purpose of the preventive medicine applied in veterinary clinics is to ensure that the patient is protected against any disease. Particularly viral diseases are the leading problems that risk pets’ lives. Unless the necessary precautions are taken, it is known that many animals lose their lives due to viral diseases.

Preventive medicine is a precaution for possible future diseases. Therefore, when any disease manifests itself later, the disease is stopped before spreading thanks to this procedure performed in the veterinary clinics. This is a practice that helps both patients and patient owners to be comfortable, and eliminates their uneasiness. Pet owners can safely own a pet with preventive medicine.

What is the Cost of Preventive Medicine?

Preventive medicine in the veterinarian varies according to the pet. Procedures applied to cats differ from that of dogs. Therefore, the measures to be taken by animals will also vary. Costs of feeding schedules, periodic vaccines applied for protection purposes are subject to different prices.

The main advantage of preventive medicine in veterinary medicine is that it reduces the cost of future diseases. Paying for protection instead of paying hundreds of pounds for any disease will be more beneficial both economically and spiritually. As Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we will be happy to welcome you and your lovely friends during this process.

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