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You look for professional and friendly veterinarians to entrust your pets in almost every city. A veterinarian who loves his job is the most trustworthy doctor to whom you can entrust your pets. You need a veterinarian who can care for your pet and who can support you in cases of diseases and accidents. As Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we are always with you.

Pets are constantly on the move both inside and outside. Sometimes they face small problems while playing and sometimes they have to struggle with diseases which are more serious than they can deal with. As Vetart family, it is our duty to help during this period.

Surgery in Veterinary Medicine

An expert who works as a veterinarian is no different from a doctor who treats people. For this reason, it is the duty of all doctors to fulfil the requirements of their profession with the same kindness and compassion. When compared to humans, it is possible to say that the diseases of pets constitute a much harder period. The main reason for this is that pets cannot express their problems. Thus, all responsibility falls upon their owners and their veterinarians.

Surgery, which is included in veterinary, is the most sensitive area in many respects. It is aimed to cure the patients who cannot be cured by medication or different procedures through surgical operation.

How is Surgical Operation Decided in Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary clinics are hospitals for your pets. In addition to their care and control, these are the places to deal with their diseases. As Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we prefer to be with our patients during the whole disease period. What matters is not just the treatment process, but also the period before and after. The owners of the patients need to be fully informed about the whole process.

Patient owners are first informed about the disease. Then the right treatment method is discussed. Surgical intervention is required if the patient’s condition is not improved after the treatment. Surgical interventions are also reported to the patient’s relative momentarily.

When is Surgical Intervention Performed in Veterinary Medicine?

To explain in general terms; several tests are performed to diagnose the patient’s disease. Then the treatment schedule is prepared. The course of the treatment schedule is monitored by the veterinarian. If the patient’s condition is observed to worsen during routine checks, then surgery is required. Surgery is the latest option for pets. For this reason, as a Vetart team, we offer our patients surgical intervention at the end of all options, when it is really necessary.

How are Surgical Procedures Performed in Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinarians get consent from and counsel pet owners prior to the surgery. Then the necessary tests are performed to see if the patient can survive the surgery. Surgery is performed in the operating room when the patient is ready for surgery.

Surgical intervention varies depending on the patient’s condition. While operation of some patients last for 15 minutes, some others’ may last for hours. The patient is kept under observation after surgery. Development and recovery processes are monitored. In this way, when it is believed to be healthy enough, the patient is sent home. Discharged patients should not skip or delay frequent routine checks ups..

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