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Ultrasonography is one of the techniques in which the frequencies that are too sensitive to be heard by human ears. This technique, which is very important for people, is especially important in terms of diagnosing diseases and obtaining internal images. The same applies to veterinary medicine.

Ultrasonography alternative can be used in case of pregnancy and diseases of pets. Reliable and well-performing veterinary clinics are able to utilise this technique easily.

What is Ultrasonography in Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary clinics make more use of technology day by day, and get closer to the animals’ healing process. Unlike humans, pets cannot express their discomforts. Therefore, veterinarians have more duties in diagnosing diseases.

The more technologically advanced the equipment is used in the diagnosis, the faster the patient’s recovery becomes. Ultrasonography makes it easier to detect the problematic point of the body thanks to radiated sound waves.

There are ultrasounds with grey, black and white colour scales as well as coloured ultrasound. When the problem is found in the body, the device gives both colour warning and numeric warning. Therefore, it is not difficult to determine the problematic region.

What are the Uses of Ultrasonography in Veterinary Medicine?

Conditions of many patients who come to veterinarians can be diagnosed by symptoms. It is not difficult to predict the patient’s condition after listening the patient’s complaints. However, the diagnosis of some diseases may take a little more time. Using ultrasound in these cases is much more useful.

Veterinarians can obtain clear information about liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, reproductive organs and spleen thanks to ultrasonography. An ultrasound is a life-saving device, especially for pets with diseases affecting internal organs. Therefore, as Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we are ready to provide you with ultrasound services.

Is Preparation for Ultrasonography Required in Veterinary Medicine?

It is often difficult to examine pets by ultrasonography. Most of them feel uneasy because of alienation and attempt to escape. In such cases, some patients may require sedation. It is very important to stay stable for check-up. Important points such as fasting a few hours ago, ensuring the balance of urine should not be forgotten. When you meet the required criteria, the results obtained from ultrasonography will be more accurate. As Vetart team, we are ready to explain you all the necessary preparations required for this procedure.


What are the Adverse Effects of Ultrasonography in Veterinary Medicine? 

There are no adverse effects that can cause harm to patients during the procedure. The most common misconception is that ultrasound emits radiation. However, ultrasonography is one of the healthiest diagnostic techniques known.

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