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Veterinary clinics are the addresses that should be equipped with the latest technology just like hospitals. Just like us, animals can also have various diseases. While some diseases can be estimated only through symptoms, for some others symptoms remain insufficient. Therefore, physicians need diagnostic equipment.

The most important diagnostic tool for veterinary clinics is x-ray. X-ray helps to make sure in nearly all animal diseases.

X-ray in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary clinics are improving with technology day by day. It is possible to benefit from technological devices such as x-rays in all diseases of pets, especially in internal medicine. X-ray helps diagnose problems in tissues that cannot be seen by naked eye.

The working principle of the X-ray is based on the shadows. Straight flowing X-rays take a picture of the person across the screen. Then there is formed an analysis with shadows. Veterinarians compare the patient’s x-ray results with the normal images. This way, the appearance and results of the disease become much more useful.

What is X-Ray-CR in Veterinary Medicine?

X-ray systems include a CR x-ray known as an indirect digital x-ray. CR x-ray systems are called computerized x-ray systems. The results read with a special device are reflected on the computer via a digital method.

It is possible for you to encounter this type of x-ray in case of any disease, injury and accident of pets. In this way, more certain and clear results can be obtained.

What are the Advantages of X-Ray CR in Veterinary Clinics??

X-ray films contain CR cassettes with phosphor plates, not cassettes with X-ray film. Thanks to these plates, computerized inspections are extremely easy and practical. It is possible to observe the area to be followed more closely and in colour. With this technology, it is possible to obtain high-quality resolution images without the need for multiple X-rays.

Pets don’t like X-rays. This much development of technology makes them comfortable most. You can be sure that we, as Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, will complete the X-ray procedure without causing our little friends to suffer from multiple x-rays.

Error-free Service of the X-ray DR Systems

The most common service offered with CR systems is in the areas of injury. Frequent fractures, dislocations and similar bone problems that pets experience can be controlled more easily with this system. Moreover, CR systems should be consulted to diagnose heart problems, as well. Above all, it is possible to obtain error-free results.

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