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The heart is in a regular lifelong cycle. For this reason its protection is vital. The importance of the situation is equally high for all living things, not just for humans.

We are ready to bring our little friends together with the latest technology in order to achieve healthy results.

Cardiology in Veterinary Medicine

Cardiology is the area related to heart and heart health. In order to understand whether there is any problem in the heart health of pets, assays are performed in this field.

It is very important for pet owners to observe for the heart. Frequent and truncated breathing, asphyxiation while moving, bruising, fainting should suggest heart-related suspicions.

ECG in Veterinary Medicine

The first thing the veterinarians have to do is to draw an ECG when there is a problem with patient’s heart. ECG is an examination method known as electrocardiography. If the heart pattern appears to be different from how it should be in the normal course in the ECG images, then this indicates a distress in the heart.

The main reason for referring to ECG is the existence of a huge indication. It is not possible to learn what the distress of the patient’s heart is via this examination but it gives a nice hint to start. As Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we attach as much importance to the health of the tiny hearts as you.

What is ECG Used for?

ECG reveals the working order of the heart muscle. Heart muscles should work following a certain routine. It is easy to realize that there is a problem when this routine is broken. Performing an ECG allows us to say whether the patient’s heart muscle functions properly or not.

The use of ECG is very useful for the heart to receive warnings as needed, to monitor the atrial and ventricular relaxations, and to observe the electrical order. In addition to these, ECG is the most important factor for early detection, especially in animals with heart failure.

For Diagnosis of Which Conditions is ECG Used?

It is known that ECG is used mostly in heart rhythm disorders. The failure of the heart to perform its function obliges veterinary clinics to perform ECG. In this way, how variable the rhythm is can be determined.

Another area where the ECG is performed is vascular insufficiency and occlusion. Vascular occlusion can easily be detected through this technique.

When there is enlargement in the heart cavity or thickening of the wall, ECG is among the methods that should be consulted. It is also known that veterinary clinics use ECG method in case some diseases other than the heart can affect the heart.

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