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Oral and Dental Health

You should keep in mind that your pets need care as much as you do. Especially their oral and dental health, which is the basis of their existence, is very important for all pets. Veterinary clinics are the most important centres for this work. Having a veterinarian who is right, trustworthy and loves his job will help you feel at ease.

Veterinarians are not the addresses to be consulted only in case of diseases or vaccination needs. You must perform personal care of your pets as you perform your own personal care.

As the Vetart family we are ready to do our best for our little friends.

Oral and Dental Health in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary clinics are places that address all the problems of pets. They possess all necessary equipment for diseases, emergencies, injuries and care taking periods. Cats, dogs, birds and many more are examined by veterinarians. These little friends perform veterinary visits not only in cases of disease but also in times of care.

Oral and dental health is important for all living beings. Veterinarians should regularly check your pet for this. Tooth is a part that is vital. Therefore it is very important that you have a veterinarian you can trust. As Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic, we can gladly run all oral care routine of your pets.

How are Oral and Dental Controls made in Veterinary Clinics?

It is important you check the oral and dental health of your pets regularly. Oral and dental problems begin with halitosis then continue until infections. In order to prevent any progressive disease during this period, it is advisable to consult veterinary clinics.

Medical treatment is the first method applied in oral and dental infections, dental diseases, decays or tooth losses. In case of failure, different treatment methods or tooth extraction procedure as last resort is applied.

Are Oral and Dental Controls in Veterinary Clinics Painful?

Pets may have periodic oral and dental problems. Dental infections of especially cats and dogs may lead to unpredictable problems. In such cases, your little friend needs to be examined without giving any chance to diseases.

Special techniques are used to prevent any pain in the oral and dental health controls of pets. It is possible for them to complete the process without any pain. First, veterinary examination, and then X-ray, imaging and controls are performed. When any disease is detected, treatment is applied.

How are Oral and Dental Diseases Treated in Veterinary Clinics?

If your pet has difficulty in eating, swallowing, has bad breath or chewing problems, existence of oral and dental problems is a high possibility. It is important to treat this problem in no time. If you call a veterinary clinic in Üsküdar for this, we wish to be among your alternatives. First we diagnose the problem of our little guests and then we start treatment.

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