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Pet Groomer

Pet grooming service is a very important service for pets. Pets that live in the house and have hair problems should receive regular grooming services. When the necessary service is received, hair and personal care problems will be eliminated.

Grooming services which are performed in extremely hygienic, well maintained and controlled way are completed in a short time without disturbing our small guests.

What is Pet Groomer?

Turkish equivalent of the term Pet groomer is hayvan kuaförü. When you bring your pets, you can have their hair care, regular cuts and combing done at pet groomer’s. Pet groomers have a very important function especially for the breeds with long hairs. In this process, you can ensure that the pets you own are comfortable and that they grow healthily.

What Services doe a Pet Groomer Provide?

Veterinary clinics also undertake personal care of animals. Therefore, you should bring your pet to the groomer not only when it is sick, but also when it needs care. The most important point to consider in this process is the veterinarian you prefer. You must cooperate with expert and experienced veterinarians. Otherwise, you may pave the way for damage to the pet you own.

Veterinary clinics provide services such as shaving, brushing, nail cutting, ear and eye cleaning within the scope of pet grooming service. You can help your pet to relax and feel better thanks to the services provided.

Do Pet Groomers Provide Bathing Service?

Some pets hate water. So they never let their owners bathe them. They do their best not to be hold and to avoid bathing. You can prefer Üsküdar Vetart Veterinary Clinic if you suffer from this problem.

Do Pet Groomers Provide Nail Cutting Service?

Nail cutting is another service that is preferred by pet owners among pet grooming services. Nail cutting is almost imperative for cats, especially those that damage household goods and make habit of scratching their owners. As a Vetart family, we can find solutions to your pets’ nail problem for you. Thanks to this a few-minute-process, both your pet and you can live comfortably for a long time.

Our clinic offers pet grooming service by appointment.
Please make an appointment!

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